Variation of Group Alignment Visualization.

Each individual is connected not only to Common Purpose but to each other as well; passing through vertical pillar of Group Alignment.

Everything influences everything.

Each member matters.

Fly-through animation of the human body perceived at the first level of the Human Energy Consciousness System.

On the left you can see the position and orientation of the camera.

Enjoy the ride !

Field generated by the Heart Chakra. Pole orientation is Front | Back corresponding with Reception | Emission.

Earth magnetic field is used for reference, although relation is more conceptual then physical.

Group with a common purpose. Each individual contributes to group alignment with their own uniqueness, connecting (not just metaphorically) Earth and Spirit. Combined intentions of many becomes One.




Educational Version with descriptions by Sherry Pae

The dimension of intention and purpose, 1D line connecting our Identity, Longings, Ability to Manifest and Core of the Earth.

Hypothetical perfect situation without distortions, breaks or blocks.

Female model.